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Ross Brickman

Ross Brickman published on No Comments on Ross Brickman

Ross Brickman The scion of a waning publishing empire, the hapless Ross Brickman is determined to wear a crown that’s never fit him. Despite significant advantages of birth and positioning, Brickman has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory time after time. After decades of decline, there is now a way up for Brickman…but will someone who wants so much to be the hero allow himself a rescue?

Abel Winslow

Abel Winslow published on 1 Comment on Abel Winslow

Twice-broken, Abel’s life was twisted into a lesser shape, one of steadfast hopes dashed and sweet dreams embittered. By the time circumstance offered him the power to change, he was too weak to wield it. Abel, though, for all his faults, was never a quitter. Like anyone who’s tried and failed, Abel wants another chance. But if he takes it…how many others might find their lives twisted into new and awful shapes?

Abby Plank

Abby Plank published on No Comments on Abby Plank

She was raised to be the salt of the earth, but what good is salty earth? Abby left everything behind for the sake of love. She was young, talented, and naïve – traits which formed ill-fitting pieces in the puzzle of her new big city life. One heartbreak later, Abby’s new world couldn’t be further from her old one….but will she still want it when the break heals?

Welcome to the new website…

Welcome to the new website… published on No Comments on Welcome to the new website…

Well, it took me 5 days to learn it but I think I’ve got a handle on WordPress 🙂 So here is the shiny new, Granted Comic website. Hopefully it’s more intuitive and relatively easy to navigate and there are lots of ways for you to get involved and interact with us. I’m not happy with the navigation buttons so if anyone can help with that I’d really appreciate it – I can pay you with art 🙂

We are always happy to hear from people about the comic, whether you like it, or not, or whether you have theories about the storylines. You can now comment on the pages and I promise, I will check to see who’s reading and commenting and I will respond when I can.

Let me know what you think of the site

Much love


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